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Brand: Blue Seven Model: ΦΧ0153
BLUE SEVEN denim dress.*We are at your disposal for any clarification..
12.50€ 25.00€
Model: ΑΚ22239
Impressive summer dress with fuchsia-green color flywheel. *For any clarification we are at your disposal..
19.85€ 39.70€
Brand: Glous Model: 2859
Long sleeved dress for the biggest shows of the big girlColor black with details floralLong sleeve with slide over the sternum, necklineInner lining, velvet from sternum and downZip closureNormal application *For more information and clarification, contact the store. We a..
20.00€ 40.00€
Brand: Glous Model: 2856
Long sleeve dress for the most special appearances of the little girlColor beige with gold details all over its extentInner lining, white tulle from the sternum and down with details to the end of its finishLong sleeve in alpha line with similar details tamperNormal application  ..
25.00€ 50.00€
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